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 By Hemalatha Sriram

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Career Counselling , a scientific way to get onto the right career track: 

  • To Achieve Success, Happiness, and Peace of Mind
  • To avoid Disappointments / Stress / Worries / anxiety
  • Save money and time through proper guidance and execution plan
  • To enjoy work and achieve contentment and satisfaction.
  • To be on the success ladder and help our own growth.

Meru has seen now more than 100 happy and satisfied individuals who have benefited from the counselling sessions.

Meru Career Counselling aims at helping students and graduates realize their true potential by assessing them on psychometric tests which further helps them arrive at right career choices. Based on these very choices they are further assisted in career planning.

With a keen focus on quality education /professional career , we are giving assistance to students and graduates for attaining their desired goals. We work closely to serve students and graduates in fulfilling their academic dreams by analysing their true potential and by providing professional guidance.

The individual can succeed only if he /she follows the path as per their true potential /interest. Meru assists the students /graduates in providing the right advice on career at the right time. The tool used also is a new age one which will help in bringing out the inner strengths /areas of interest from the candidates.

Our Vision & Mission

Meru believes in identifying and bringing out the speciality in everyone to help them make the right choice about their career. We strive to empower individuals to make life long responsible and meaningful choices in dynamic environment. 

It has been observed that one can succeed in their career if they choose the path  where both their skills and interests lie, and Meru helps you identify such paths. This in turn will help students connect their interests, values, skills and personality with the world of work. We aim at developing students’ interests by exploring various career paths suitable for them.  

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